Hello Friends ... Eat Happens Open Now !!!

Tebet Utara Dalam No 2 Jakarta Selatan . Phone : 021-83792042
Jl Pulo Sirih Boulevard Grand Galaxy City FE - 372 Bekasi - Jawa Barat. Phone : 021-827-31-479

We are Eat Happens! A brand new "mini foodcourt" restaurant concept in the hippest location in Tebet and Bekasi.

We offer variety of food and beverages at affordable price. We create unique, trendy, attractive and instagrammable dishes. Our signature dish is the Hungry John Bread, a combination of the long multigrain seeded bread, juicy beef patty or a delicious bbq sausage, cheese and eggs that will surely satisfy your appetite.

Other mouth-watering menus include japanese hot dog, black burger, green noodle, baso sumsum, black fried rice and the happening "kue cubit".

One of the most popular stations in our restaurant is Martabak Happens, offering both sweet and savoury martabak with various toppings that will delight your street food culinary experience. Our customer's favourite sweet martabak is : Martabak Eight Wonders which has 8 different toppings. You should try our Martabak Malabar with curry sauce. It's undeniably delicious!

Additionally, we also offer the famous Cendol Duren which always causes long queues at our place.

What's more, to create a perfect enjoyment, we offer cozy athmosphere with the pleasant surroundings. Our restaurant displays many vintage plates and mural paintings on our walls for you to feast your eyes on.

See you at Eat Happens!!

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